Executive of the Year / 2020 / Rwanda / Albert Sigei / Cimerwa

Albert Sigei Leads Cimerwa’s Transition to Publicly Traded Company

Albert K. Sigei joined CIMERWA PPC as Chief Executive Officer on 06th January 2020. He comes as an experienced executive with more than 18 years’ experience in the cement industry. He has lived and worked in varied cross-cultural geographies including Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, UK and Malawi. With a sterling work pedigree in Business Development, Business Management and Change Management, he has a keen eye for business and a sharp mind for decisions. Just the right attributes for a captain of the ship.
Albert’s multi-disciplinary background including Engineering, Finance, IT, Risk Management and leadership set the stage for his 18 year old career in the durables sector. He has a first class honors Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nairobi, is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and graduated from various executive courses offered by Ivy league Business Schools – INSEAD, London Business School, HEC Paris and The Ivey Business School at Western University.
He is passionate about Africa hence his unwavering focus on the importance of alignment between business purpose and societal needs.

Mr. Sigei has a 17-year long track record in the building materials sector gained working for the LaFargeHolcim, the world’s leading building materials provider. His last posting was Malawi where he served as the local LafargeHolcim CEO, following stints in Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria. The multi-skilled professional combines a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Nairobi professional qualifications in accounting and information technology management. His work experience includes Finance, Strategy, Business Development and General Management.

“When I arrived in Rwanda to take up my role as CIMERWA’s CEO I was excited about the opportunity. The building materials industry here is growing exponentially and this is a true testament to just how invested the government is in its future. To work in such an environment will stimulate CIMERWA to keep delivering on its promise. STRENGTHENING RWANDA.”

Albert’s first quarter in office has been more than eventful with COVID-19 prompting business shutdowns across the country, the launch of a new product range, re-invigoration of the Company’s strategic business plan actions and the ongoing process of CIMERWA’s listing on the Rwanda Stock Exchange.

“The COVID-19 is a world-wide pandemic that is having far-reaching consequences on people’s lives, with far-reaching impact on businesses and disruption of supply chains. CIMERWA was no exception in this instance but now that businesses are opening up across Rwanda, we firmly believe that this is a time to roll up our sleeves our respective stations in order to thrive post-COVID.” explained Albert Sigei.

CIMERWA’s decision to soldier on with its listing and the launch of its new product range during this period may seem unconventional to many.

“We have launched our new range of products “SURE” and are in the process of listing on the Rwanda Stock Exchange. These are no small feats especially given the current circumstances. This decision in my opinion is the logical next step for all businesses; adapting to the situation, thinking of new solutions to overcome the current challenges and forging new paths to remain functional and successful.” Elaborated Albert Sigei.

With the second quarter of 2020 well under way, the closure of borders due to COVID-19 has decreased the onslaught of regional imports bound for the Rwandan market. This is a golden opportunity for “Made in Rwanda” businesses and an opening for the inception of new businesses.

Due to COVID-19, countries have limited the flow of goods and people across border lines, “Made in Rwanda” businesses now have to rise to the challenge of satisfying the local market to stave off any supply shortages. As the only cement manufacturer in Rwanda, CIMERWA is ready to supply its customers.”

CIMERWA has rebranded its range of products to SURE as a way to allow customers to choose cement for specific applications. The range is comprised of SUREWALL, a 22.5X cement designed for plastering and brick joinery, SURECEM, a 32.5 N all-purpose cement, SUREBUILD, a 42.5N premium cement meant for heavy construction projects and SUREROAD, a 32.5N custom-made cement for road works. The rebranding will not affect the current pricing of the products or the product quality.

“In a day and age where price is the first consideration for many when buying a product, CIMERWA refuses to compromise on quality. Cement is meant to build strong and durable structures, any compromise on this is not acceptable. Our innovation has allowed us to put in the market SUREWALL which is more affordable and specifically designed for plastering and brick joinery.” Stated Albert.

“CIMERWA stands ready to service its customers in the remainder of this year and remains confident in its position as market leader with a new player on the horizon. CIMERWA has a legacy that spans three decades, it has prevailed and grown stronger through its journey and the experiences it encountered along the way. Our customers can take comfort in this.”

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